Monday 17 August 2015

Peter Andre visits Llanelli dullness and also some other towns

South Wales Evening Post: Peter Andre tweets a double smiley-face over his impending visit to Llanelli

And then...

South Wales Evening Post: Peter Andre still looking forward to visiting Llanelli

And then...

Llanelli Star: Peter Andre visits Llanelli, town shits itself with excitement

But Pete's not been loyal to Llanelli. He's seeing other towns too, the shameless HUSSY.

 Northern Echo: Peter Andre visits Durham


Bristol Post: Peter Andre visits Bristol, manages to wear a T-shirt upside-down


Stoke Sentinel: When Peter Andre visits towns, he sometimes needs to fill his car up with petrol. For example, Stoke

It's your own fault, Pete. You've gone and driven us into the welcoming arms of Team Katie.

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