Thursday, 26 December 2013

Santa PAWS dullness

Brighton Argus: Santa's grotto for dogs

How about one for fizzy drinks? FANTA CLAUS



  1. How about one for boorish lecherous Ted Baker-wearing Yates-frequenting wankers who permanently seem one WKD away from committing a sex-crime? BANTER CLAUS

  2. Ooh, and more importantly, MERRY CHRISTMAS! This blog has been awesome as ever this year, and is still the first thing I check every morning (after my pulse and, you know, *them*) Hope you have a great festive period :)

  3. Merry Christmas, Alistair and Jane.

    Grotto for horses - Canta Claus
    Grotto for Ray Fish - Manta Claus
    Grotto for marathon runners - Panta Claus
    Grotto for Daily Mail columnists - Ranta Claus

    Did anyone else have to put up with fireworks last night?